Tips for Washing Your Chevy Truck

Tips for Washing your Truck - Golden Motors - Cut Off, LA

Spring is here and summer is on the horizon. You want your Chevrolet to look good and feel good, so now’s a great time to give it a good washing. These tips for washing your truck will help ensure that you’re shining when you’re traveling around Cut Off, Louisiana.

Keep it cool

You don’t want your truck to be hot when you wash it. Don’t wash your truck right after taking it for a drive, because putting cool water on hot car parts can warp the metal. And avoid washing it in direct sunlight, or it can dry the soap before you rinse it and leave spots.

Get a car-safe soap

Don’t use dish soap to wash your truck, as it’ll dull the shine of your paint and remove the wax. Instead, buy a soap that says it’s safe for use on cars.

Use a car washing mitt

A car washing mitt is the best way to protect the body of your truck while you wash it. It’s best to rinse the mitt frequently in a rinse bucket before soaping it back up to avoid leaving swirls or even scratching the paint.

Don’t forget the undercarriage

The undercarriage of your car picks up a lot of grime, so it’s important to give it a good spray with your hose to knock off any dirt, sand, and other residue build up. This can help cut down on corrosion and wear over time.

Dry off

Don’t let your truck air dry unless you want water spots all over it. Instead, use a water blade or microfiber cloth to wipe the water off, leaving your car nice and dry without scratching the paint.

Thinking about buying a Chevrolet truck from Golden Motors? You’ll never need to worry about washing your car by hand again. Every new vehicle purchased at Golden Motors comes with free car washes for life, and you’ll get a free wash every time you bring your ride in for service. Because at Golden Motors, Price is Priority — and so is a squeaky clean truck.

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