General Motors Partnering with AT&T for 5G in Vehicles

General Motors AT&T 5G | Golden Motors | Cut Off, LA

General Motors and AT&T are working together to bring 5G to Chevrolet vehicles. 5G is the fastest cellular internet access available right now, and integrating it into vehicles will allow Chevy drivers the best possible connectivity for streaming content, messaging, and more.

As the most reliable 5G network in the country, AT&T is the perfect team member in Chevy’s goal to offer an in-vehicle 5G LTE Wi-Fi® Hotspot to customers. AT&T covers 250 million people in the US alone and has invested billions in strengthening its wireless networks.

The project is two years in the making, with 5G-equipped vehicles predicted to roll out with the 2024 model year — but if you have a model year 2019 Chevy or newer with a 4G LTE® Hotspot, your system will be able to upgrade to the 5G network easily.

In addition to improving download speeds, over-the-air updates, streaming quality, and real-time map updates, 5G internet in vehicles will allow Chevy better access to data that can be used to improve your driving experience.

Data gathered from 5G users will allow Chevy to make smarter updates to Super Cruise™ self-driving tech and the rest of the Vehicle Intelligence Program, including infotainment and active safety tech.

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