How to Safely Transport a Paddleboard on Your Chevy SUV or Truck

How to Safely Transport a Paddleboard on Your Chevy SUV or Truck | Cut Off, LA

Few things rival the feeling of paddling down a meandering river on a sunny day. But getting that board to the water can be tricky, especially if you’re trying to be careful to avoid damaging it. Use the following tips to safely transport your paddleboard on your Chevy SUV or truck.

For your SUV: get a SUP-specific rack

The best way to transport a paddleboard on your SUV is to get a SUP-specific rack that installs directly on your vehicle’s crossbars (SUP stands for Stand Up Paddleboard). There are many paddleboard-compatible racks on the market, including some that let you carry more than one. If your SUV doesn’t have crossbars, you can shop for genuine Chevy accessories at Golden Motors.

For your truck: invest in padding

Transporting a paddleboard in your truck is less convenient than with an SUV, but it’s still doable. You will need to place padding over the tailgate as the board will extend past the length of the bed. Tie the board as close to the tailgate as possible using your Chevy truck’s built-in tie-down mounts. If the board extends by more than a few feet, hang a red or orange flag from the board to comply with state law.

For more genuine Chevy accessories or to buy an SUV with built-in crossbars, visit Golden Motors in Cut Off, Louisiana!

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