Top 5 Most Exciting Features on the 2024 Silverado EV

2024 Silverado EV | Cut Off, LA

Our team at Golden Motors is incredibly eager for the arrival of the all-new 2024 Chevy Silverado EV! Here are some of the most exciting features you’ll find on this electric truck.

Multi-Flex Midgate

This handy option features a pass-through that allows the wall between the cabin and the bed to be lowered, extending the bed from just under six feet to just over nine feet. With the Multi-Flex Tailgate, it grows to 10 feet and 10 inches.

11-inch standard infotainment screen

Every Silverado EV will feature an 8-inch digital gauge display and an 11-inch, high-resolution screen as standard. The top-end RST model upgrades these to 11 and 17 inches, respectively. That’s a lot of screen real estate.

SuperCruise technology

The Silverado EV will be available with the latest Super Cruise system, enabling drivers to travel and trailer hands-free on more than 200,000 miles of compatible roads in North America.

Incredible capability

The first Silverado EVs will come out of the gates with an impressive 8,000-pound towing capacity, with the RST model capable of towing up to 10,000 pounds, and future models expected to hit 20,000 pounds. Max payload will be up to 1,300 pounds.

Multiple charging options

The Silverado EV’s advanced architecture enables it to be charged at various types of stations, including DC fast chargers, Level Two public and home chargers, and Level One outlets. It will also be able to supply power to other sources, like equipment or another EV.

If you want to know more about the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV, contact our team or visit us at Golden Motors in Cut Off, Louisiana.

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