Buick Commits to All-Electric Lineup by 2030

Buick Wildcat EV | Cut Off, LA

Buick has announced it will bring its first electric vehicle to the North American market in 2024, and that by the end of the decade, its entire lineup will be electric.

The new vehicle will be an SUV that uses a new “Electra” naming series along with a new badge and a new design philosophy. Yes, there are a lot of new things in the future for Buick!

“Our forthcoming products will adopt a new design language that emphasizes a sleek, dynamic and forward-looking appearance,” said Sharon Gauci, executive director for Global Buick and GMC Design. “Our exteriors will incorporate fluid movements that contrast with tension to convey motion. Interiors will balance modern design, new technologies and attention to detail to evoke warmth and a rich sensory experience.”

These designs are exemplified by the Buick Wildcat EV concept that the automaker showed off before the start of summer. Buick expects to complete its brand transformation over the next 12 to 16 months, which will include an updated color palette, new marketing, and new typography.

These are exciting changes coming to Buick, which is clearly not sitting around waiting for the future to come charging past! Visit Golden Motors in Cut Off, Louisiana, to join the Buick family and become part of that future!

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